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The Todonyang village

"The church is without a roof and in bad state"

Prior to 1997, Todonyang was a thriving village in the north-eastern corner of Turkana, where the two communities of Merile (from Ethiopia ) and Turkana (from Kenya ) coexisted in peace.  There was much trade and intermarriage between the two communities.  At Todonyang itself there existed a primary school with 200 children, a dispensary, a fisheries cooperative and store, a church, and a chief’s office.  An estimated 1,500 persons lived at Todonyang.  Misunderstanding between the two communities broke out in 1997, and this eventually led to inter-tribal skirmishes and raids.  The whole village of Todonyang was dispersed – the Meriles crossed the border to Ethiopia while the Turkanas migrated to Lowarengak village, leading to overcrowding and social pressures for the community at Lowarengak.  The church dedicated to Our Lady of Peace is without a roof and in a bad state; it is overgrown with thorn bushes.  This church and the priest’s house need to be repaired and fenced.



There is a G.S.U. post some 1 km from the deserted village, and some 30 families have gradually returned to reside near the foothills of the Lapurr hills. 

"The northern end of the lake has been shrinking"

The northern end of Lake Turkana has been shrinking over the years due to silting from the Omo River .  At the moment, the lake tapers to a shallow swamp just 1/2 km north of Todonyang. 



Projects in Todonyang

The following is the plan for the Todonyang area:  


Drilling of boreholes around the area;


Rebuilding the original dispensary;


Agricultural development around the church and by the shore of the lake;


Opening of a road following the foothills of Lapurr from Natete to the south (Mlango);


Construction of rock catchments in the Lapurr; and


Construction of earth dams in the Parar Plains of Todonyang


"People at work"




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