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Mission Statement

"To work in partnership with the people of Turkana (Kenya) for the development of humanitarian projects in the Turkana area, focusing on health, education, agriculture and water resource projects." 

How we operate 

In partnership with the local people of Turkana we identify humanitarian projects, which are carried out mainly by local people with the help of external consultants and our on-site overseas partners. We engage in fund raising activities and ensure that all funds go directly to the development of those projects. We help Turkana help themselves.

Our recent visit to Turkana (July 2007)

Project Turkana has gone to visit the people of Turkana in July 2007. Read about it here.

The people of Turkana (Kenya)

"The people of Turkana"

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The whole District of Turkana (Kenya) is generally a semi-desert.  The population is more than 25,000 people.  The majority of the population belong to the Turkana tribe who are mainly nomadic herdsmen.  The area borders Ethiopia to the north, where most of the people belong to the Merrile or Dassanech tribe.





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